EU Cookie Law Compliance

The ‘new’ EU Cookie law came into full force in the UK on 26th May 2012.

Compliance with this law need not be expensive or complicated.

Simply, web sites have to seek permission to use cookies. In many circumstances this consent can be implied, so the site user does not have to take any action.

This site complies with the law by informing the users on the first page visited, and in the Privacy Policy.

Sites are also required to give information on the use of cookies, usually in the ‘Privacy Policy’ wording. This does not need to be long or complex.

This site’s Privacy Policy:


Privacy Policy
This site uses cookies to collect general information about visits to the site, it does not track specific users, or pass the collected information to any third party advertisers. This site uses ‘session cookies’ to maintain information about where a user is on the site. These are deleted as soon as the user leaves the site. This site uses ’Google Analytics’ cookies to help the site owner improve the site, detailed information on these can be found here.  The site records the implied permission to store cookies by using a cookie called ‘viewed_cookie_policy’.This site uses the implied permission of the user to use cookies, through their continuing use of the site. The user is informed of this on the first page visited on the site and in this document.
Users can disable all cookies by changing their browser settings.
Users can also opt out of having information about their visit to this site being sent to Google Analytics using this toolVersion 4. 21 March 2014


Please contact us to have your site updated affordably to comply with the new EU Cookie Law.