Business Software


If you have a business process which you think can be improved we can probably help. Please contact us to discuss your idea.

Here are a few examples of solutions we have recently created.

A bespoke diary system with a few unique features

  • It ensures staff can attend customer appointments by automatically entering the  travel time between appointments
  • It prevents diary clashes by prohibiting clashing appointments being booked
  • It provides privacy between users
  • It provides exactly the information needed by the traveller
  • Incredibly simple to use

A bespoke iPad sales tool application

  • It ensures the message delivered is consistent across the sales force
  • Ensures legal obligations are met by mentioning necessary information
  • Calculates the customer’s requirements
  • Creates a bespoke contract at the point of sale

A video player for use by the severely physically handicapped, which is controlled purely by eye movement

  • Increases the independence of the user allowing them freedom to watch what they want, when they want to
  • Has a diagnostic mode to record the user’s eye movement, an invaluable aid in medical assessment.
  • This is typically for use by quadriplegics.